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SidePouch pre-opened bags offer optimum performance for various applications including food and e-commerce.

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AUTOBAG® brand SidePouch pre-opened bags and stand-up pouches are pre-made and fan-folded in a high-yield box, reducing downtime due to changeover. These bags provide optimum performance for a variety of applications, from food to e-commerce. In addition, these bags can be pre-printed using high-resolution graphics, text, and barcodes for unique, attractive packaging with a competitive edge.


  • Offer a variety of special features such as resealable ziplocks, gussets, reinforced headers and tamper-evident perforations
  • Print on these bags using up to 8 colors
  • Used for a variety of applications from food to e-commerce
  • Available in sizes up to 600 mm wide x 410 mm long

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