employees packaging COVID-19 test kits

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The pandemic is bringing together pharmaceutical, logistics, packaging, and manufacturing companies to deliver products safely and quickly to hundreds of millions of patients worldwide. We are proud to be part of the vaccine packaging solutions effort — and our decades of experience solving the world's most critical packaging challenges sets us apart.

As the inventors of the world's first solutions to cushion and protect even the most fragile items during shipment, the global leader in vacuum insulation panels (VIP) for the life sciences industry, and pioneers of CRYOVAC® brand food packaging equipment and materials, we are ready to meet the complex vaccine packaging and testing kit challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our commitment to constant innovation means we're always working to bring new solutions to the marketplace, such as smart packaging and digital connectivity.

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parcel vaccine shippers
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Ideal for smaller quantity, 3- to 5-day shipments 

cushioning for ultra-cold freezers

Custom fabricated cushions to protect sensitive equipment

at-home testing kit shippers

Reusable shippers that protect testing supplies with a low-slip film 

automated vaccine supply kits

Automated kitting equipment for fulfillment operations

testing, certification and design services

ISTA-certified labs and cold chain testing

parcel vaccine shippers

SEALED AIR® brand customizable thermal PUR packaging is a new, on-demand superior insulative solution. Our cold chain foam formulations are ideal for protecting last-mile vaccine deliveries with specific temperature requirements. Suitable for shipments requiring a variety of temperature ranges (including between 2 C and 8 C and ultra-cold temperatures between -78 C and -70 C) for up to 160 hours. These vaccine packaging inserts are durable and well suited for reuse, and a knock-down design ensures they are easily stored before and after use. Available in a variety of sizes.

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cushioning for ultra-cold freezers

SEALED AIR® brand fabricated foams provide superior product protection for parcel or palletized shipments. Our Ethafoam® product line provides unparalleled cushioning protection against repeated impacts. These polyethylene fabricated foams are ideal for products that are very sensitive to vibration and shock during transit. 

at-home testing kit shippers

This patented retention packaging provides simple and cost-effective blocking and bracing protection. Retention packaging requires one insert: A film secures the product to a corrugated board, keeping it from shifting during transit. The flexible retention packaging film is well suited for at-home COVID-19 testing supplies. In addition to being reusable, the pack is also curbside recyclable. 

automated vaccine supply kits

AUTOBAG® brand automated bagging systems are high-productivity solutions for hand loading through fully automatic packaging applications. The fully customizable systems feature a small footprint that integrates into existing bagging operations. Ideal for industrial, retail, and medical applications that require different or multiple items per bag.

testing, certification and design services

Our Packaging Design Application Centers work on more than 12,000 projects annually, including 18 ISTA-certified labs, 20 testing locations worldwide, and more than 80 packaging professionals who design, test, and certify packs to withstand the challenges of shock and vibration during transit every day. Thermal chambers in our cold chain labs are capable of reaching temperatures in ambient conditions from -30 to 100 C for testing and validation to meet ISTA Standard 20 Revision 2 requirements. 

high dose vaccine shippers

SEALED AIR® brand Kevothermal™ vacuum insulation panels achieve high levels of thermal insulation in a slim design. Suitable for use as high-dose vaccine packaging inserts for long-duration shipments or last-mile delivery, these reusable components are designed for applications that require superior R-Value performance. Using VIPs in a temperature assurance shipper solution can insulate up to 10 days at a variety of temperature ranges, including down to -80 C. 

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