4 Tips to Ensure You Make the Most of Your Business Card

There is something comforting and reassuring about face to face meetings that modern technology has not been able to take away. Business cards go hand in hand with client meetings. They are important because they ensure the client remembers you and has all the necessary information to get in touch with you. According to an ad agency in Pune, business cards are crucial in creating a good impression on clients.

Modern technology has changed the way business cards are designed and printed. There are so many colors, cuts and finishes available at an affordable price notes a business card printer in Pune. One should use digital techniques to create effective business cards.

Let us explore some ways through which you can make the most from your business cards

  • Information

We print business cards to distribute our information to our clients. But so many people forget that a business card is not a brochure and needs to bear only relevant information on it, an advertising agency in Pune suggests that first type in the name of the company, your name, designation and the logo of the company. This is information that is a staple on all business cards. Apart from this, you should also include your phone number and email id on the card. Any information that you wish to include after this is optional. Thus, think carefully and do not overcrowd the business card.

  • Call to Action

Your business card is a part of your advertising portfolio. It is a device for marketing your brand and the services you offer. Hence, like all marketing strategies, a business card design needs to incorporate a call to action. It is generally advisable to include the call to action on the backside of the business card and not the front. A call to action according to business card printers in Pune ensures a higher recall value of the card.

  • Social Media Profiles

Social media marketing is a big part of digital marketing nowadays. Your business card is a perfect platform to showcase your social media profiles and following. Include links to your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. According to an ad agency in Pune, adding social media links to your business card makes you a more reliable professional and easily reachable over different mediums.

  • Professional Designers And Professional Printers

Business card designing looks like a cakewalk and you may be tempted to design your business card on your own. But please seek a business card printer in Pune who has experience and knowledge in the field of designing and printing. A standard business card is only 3.5 X 2 inches, which is a very small canvas. If you want to create an effective business card a graphic designer is your best option. They understand colors schemes, logos, spacing, fonts and even the material and finishes that will be the most suitable for you.

Effective business cards are simple, clean and memorable. A good business card is never ignored by a client and is a great starting point for new professional relationships. Hence, make your business card one of a kind, just like you!

4 Tips to Ensure You Make the Most of Your Business Card

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