Business promotion is an extensive year-long activity which assists advertising and marketing in several ways. It is a subtle branding push that earns your business a lot of brownie points in the hearts of your customers. According to one of the advertising in Pune, promotional products work wonders where traditional marketing devices fail.

With the advent of modern machines and technology creating a complete line of promotional products for your business has become easier.

In fact, some of the biggest companies in the world like Mercedes Benz have a line of merchandise with their branding on it, which is sent out to their vendors and customers as part of promotional strategies.

What Are Promotional Products?


To begin with, promotional products is one of the greatest ideas in marketing. It is used by companies large and small, all over the world.

An advertising agency in Pune, reveals that every consumer has at some point of time used a promotional product in their lives. Yes! It’s true, you may not have even noticed it, but you are already a part of the promotional product universe.

Promotional products are different items of merchandise which are accompanied by the logo of a business. Depending on the size and type of the merchandise promotional products in India, have the name of the company, the logo, and even their tagline.

Some of the most common types of promotional products are:

1.         Caps

2.         T shirts

3.         Key Chains

4.         USB drives

5.         Mugs

6.         Mouse pads

7.         Stickers

8.         Posters

9.         Umbrellas

10.       Mobile Phone Holders

11.       Pen Stands

As you can see promotional products cover a huge spectrum of everyday, generic items that everyone needs and uses. Let us give you a few reasons why promotional products are important for your business.

●          Brand Awareness


Every year companies spend millions of dollars to increase the reach of their brand and create brand awareness in the minds of their target audience.

Your company may be a start-up, it may be a mid-sized one, or it may be an industry leader, but there are always new market territories to be explored. To achieve this, brand awareness is a vital element.

Promotional products can assist you greatly in increasing your brand awareness. These products integrate well with the daily lives of your consumers and are exposed to other like-minded individuals through your consumers.

In the opinion of an ad agency in Pune, promotional products act as publicity beacons even without the consumers noticing it.

●          Brand Recognition

According to research conducted by one of the best ad agencies in Pune, customers have a higher recall memory of those brands whose promotional products they have been using regularly. In fact, a majority of people are able to recall a brand simply due to the merchandise.

The best example for this is Nike’s famous arrow sign. The moment one sees the arrow, they immediately think about Nike and the words “Just do it”. This demonstrates the power of promotional products.

●          Better Relationship With Customers


Customer relationship management is one of the most significant and difficult activities that need to performed by a company. Customers are the lifeline of a company.

Therefore, keeping them happy is a top priority item. Promotional products can be sent out to customers as  “freebies” or “gifts” on celebratory occasions. Big festivals like Diwali, Eid or Christmas are perfect to send out a bag full of promotional goodies as a way of thank you to your customers.

These gestures never go unnoticed and help in creating stronger bonds with your customers.

●          The New Age Business Card

We all know the importance of business cards in our professional lives. But what if we bypass the business card altogether and hand out some of our promotional products as introductory items. Key chains and coffee mugs are popular in this section.

They accommodate vital company information (name, logo, contact info, etc.) and can be utilized 24/7. A business card might end up in a common box, but promotional products will be seen and used every day.

●          Customer Loyalty

Businesses who have loyal customers last longer stated an advertising agency in Pune. Good offers, polite executives and great service are all essential elements in creating a loyal customer base.

Promotional products could be a new tool in your customer loyalty department. Promotional products can be given to customers to celebrate your relationship with them. For example, you could reward a customer when the complete say Rs. 50,000 in sales with you or they have been your customer for over a year.

Promotional items can also be given as a referral bonus for recommending you to a new customer. In this way, you earn your customer’s loyalty and keep them happy.

Promotional products are a part of the guerrilla marketing strategies that work wonders. It is subtle, to the point and useful. But bear in mind that promotional merchandise needs to be high quality and brand consistent for optimum results.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Promotional Products

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