Posters are one of the oldest ways of advertising the brand and the business. With time the posters have been internet-centric; the posters are now seen in a digital platform. The younger generation is not so familiar with the poster advertising because of the evolution of digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO, etc. Because of the high demands of digital media, poster advertising is being showcased in new platforms like Tv programs, social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.


But to date, it is seen that poster advertising is an effective way to create an impression and visibility of your brand. Walking down the street, we have often passed through many adverts of different brands; it has been seen as one of the natural and significant ways of marketing the brand to its target audiences. In this blog, we will go through each benefit of poster advertising in detail. 

1. Designs for the posters:

To promote the business, you need to be creative with colors. Portraying the thoughts on the canvas paper will help to attract the target audiences. 

According to your type of business, you can give appropriate designs to your poster.

Here a list of Creative Printing Ideas to Boost Your Business

Only giving models to your posters will not be enough; you can also provide some catchy captions, headlines in your posters. The posters must be attention-grabbing and eye-catchy. Also, one of the effective ways to advertise your business and brand is by printing the posters in pamphlets and brochures. 

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2. Appropriate Location:

You need to choose a proper location for showcasing your posters for the advertisements. 

Location is taken as a primary objective because a correct location will help to engage your desired audience for marketing your brand.

Generally, we come across the posters in hoardings, billboards, shops, and walls. Many restaurants often pasted the posters in the bathroom space or the lounge. 


You will come across areas where you will always find at least one or two posters on the wall or the windows.

3. Size of the poster:

You need to choose the size of the poster according to your location. Generally, the much-used size of the poster is A4 or A2. But for the hoarding or on the billboards, we use the posters of a bigger size.

But for the hoarding or on the billboards, we use the posters of a bigger size. 

If the posters you are making for the indoors, then you need you to keep in mind that if the posters don’t take almost half of the wall, then it wouldn’t be practical enough and eye-catchy to the customers.

The size of the poster chosen should be according to the target customers. As the size of A1 or A2 is significant and appropriate for the outside posters but not suitable for the indoors.

A4 – 210*297 mm

A3 – 297*420 mm

A2 –420*594 mm

A1 –594*841 mm

A0 –841*1189 mm

If you are starting your new business, then below are some of the size guidelines that you can take help of while designing your posters for the brand.

According to the above sizes of the posters, you can choose which poster will apt for your company or marketing your business or brand. 

Beforehand if you need to get aware of the size and design of the posters.

4. Visibility of your posters:

The clarity of the posters is a vital part of your advertisement. You need to advertise the posters at the right timing so that your poster gets the maximum number of customers. If you advertise your posters at 6 A.M in the morning, then it is very natural that you won’t get many viewers. 

So, you need to analyze the correct timing when you showcase your posters online or through T. V ads.  If you need to advertise your posters in T.V programs, then choose potential influencers to market your brand.

we also write about outdoor advertising. do you think  outdoor advertising still be effective in 2020?   vb 

5. The posters should be durable:

The poster you are making for the advertisement of your brand needs to be sustainable. 

The posters that you are preparing for the indoors are printed on a durable and heavy matt base or the laminated paper so that it should last for a long time. 

 If you are making the posters for outdoors, then it needs to wear and tear resistance and need to be water-resistant. 

Also, you need to keep in mind while you are making a poster for the outdoors that the color of the posters should not pale or fades away. If you want to create a new sign for the advertisement of your brand and business, then you contact the Printing Agency in Pune

6. Cost-effective Posters:

You must think about the cost of the posters that you make. Only making lots of stunning and attractive posters is not enough; you need to think about the price of the posters. 

Your posters should be cost-effective and at the same time, should give you a better return for your investment.

With the evolution of digital marketing, you can also advertise your posters on the online platform, which will enable you to get a better target audience and traffic.

The poster advertisement is a backdated and old way of marketing your brand, but with time and technology, we have made the poster advertisement a modern and effective way of marketing your brand and business. Digital marketing that only involves marketing your products and brands online. 


Now, you can also advertise your posters in the digital platform by pop- up ads on the websites, advertisements in between the T.V programs, or marketing your posters with the help of the influencers. Startups often face the problem of marketing their brand and business. To get suggestions about marketing your business, you can visit our website and can consult the Brochure Design Company in Pune.


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