promotional calender6 Steps to Make Your Unique Promotional Calendar

Everything around us is going digital, from documents to photographs to calculators. All digital tools are replacing physical things from our lives. But one of the things that have not changed whether at home or at an office, is the need for a physical calendar.

Most desks tend to have a compact calendar, or if space permits some office walls to carry a large calendar on them. Calendars are not like some fancy painting on the wall, that you glance at and move on. Calendars are seen every day and used every day by individuals and organizations.

One of the best advertising agency in Pune, thus believes that calendars are a perfect promotional item for any type of business. Promotional products are a great way to subtly remind your customers about your brand and its various offerings.

There are many types of promotional products you can use like mouse pads, key chains, caps, etc. But calendars have proven time and again that they are one of the most effective promotional products for businesses.

In this blog, as an advertising agency in Pune, we would like to give you some advice on creating a unique promotional calendar for your company.

● Define Your Goals

As with any project, you must start by defining the purpose and the goals of this promotional calendar. Are you creating this calendar to improve brand awareness, are you treating it as a reward for customer loyalty or are you creating it to promote a new line of products you are offering?

Find the answer to these questions and that will help you decide the direction in which your calendar will be proceeding. According to an ad agency in Pune, the goal of each promotional calendar helps graphic designers in work on unique designs that speak volumes about the purpose.

● Define The Type Of Calendar

Calendars as we all know, come in various shapes and sizes. The size of the calendar decides its placement. You can choose between a desk calendar or a wall calendar.

Even within the desk and wall calendars, there are different sizes available. As an organization, go with something that works best with your brand image and overall promotional strategy.

Don’t forget that the calendar will be seen every day and it is a marketing device for your company.

● Choose A Theme

All calendars are designed based on a theme. Themes make calendars unique as well as consistent to look at. Some of the popular themes for calendars are-

  1. Motivation
  2. Wildlife
  3. Nation
  4. Nature and Landscapes
  5. Products and services of your company

The theme will reflect on your brand’s identity and image. It will also reflect how your organization fits in with the community you live in. Choose a theme that tells a story about your brand’s beliefs and core values.

● Important Dates And Holidays

India is a country of diverse cultures, as a result of which we end up celebrating a ton of festivals throughout the year. A calendar is incomplete without dates that are marked as holidays and festivals.

So, ensure that your calendar includes all the significant holidays. You can go a step further and add local festivals to make your company more accessible to the customers.

You can also take this opportunity to highlight some dates on the calendar that pertain to your company’s “seasonal sales” or other promotional events, informed one of the best ad agency in Pune.

● Design And Images

Design is at the core of a beautiful promotional calendar. The design of a promotional calendar needs to resonate with the brand image of the company and also connect with its target audience.

The target audience will potentially include the vendors of the company, the customers, friends, and families of the employees and others covered in the professional network.

A graphic designer can help you in creating a design that is visually appealing and stunning.

The images that go on promotional calendars have to be high resolution and vibrant. Professional designers can create graphics that not only promote your brand but also add value to the desk or the wall of your audience.

Ensure that the design has colors, fonts, and images that are consistent with your brand’s colors and fonts. This helps in cementing the brand recall, revealed an advertising agency in Pune.

Promotional products or merchandise are a fantastic way to promote your company and its products or services. Promotional products are a part of the guerilla marketing strategies that can improve the brand recall value and its reach without being overly direct.

Promotional calendars are unique because they will be used every day and thus have a distinct advantage of exposure and visibility. Promotional calendars have the ability to be the perfect new year’s gift between professional associates. We hope this blog written by an ad agency in Pune, helped you in creating a mind-blowing, unique promotional calendar for your company.

6 Steps to Make Your Unique Promotional Calendar

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