Importance of brochure printing as a marketing tool

When you think of a brochure, you imagine a dynamic marketing tool that is super versatile at its core. The biggest strength of a brochure is its flexibility and adaptability.

It lets you mound the advertising in different ways that you believe work the best. It will not restrict you to a particular format or design or even the number of words.

You are the master of the design and information when it comes to making a brochure. As an advertising agency in Pune, when clients to help them in creating ad campaigns approach us, we highly recommend at least one set of brochures for their benefit.

We are living in a world that is being taken over by digital devices and machines. We spend many of our wakeful hours staring at screens.

This makes our mind numb to ads on digital media or even TV for that matter. However, hold some piece of paper in your hand and read it once, we guarantee you that you will remember the message in it.

We are writing this blog to discuss the fundamentals of brochure printing, the importance of brochures in your overall marketing strategy and the effectiveness of brochures. We are one of the best ad agencies with years of experience and tons of clients in our roster. We are using this platform to help spread our expertise to our readers!

What Are Brochures?

Brochures are one of the oldest traditional marketing devices preferred by all. From small sole proprietors to large multinationals, everyone has been using brochures to drive up their sales for years and years. Brochures can store up a lot of information about the products or services that you are selling. We have clients who print an entire menu card on brochures.

Brochures are dynamic and versatile because of their folds. One can fold the brochure in an accordion fold, or two-fold or three-fold depending on the amount of information you want to put in. Our graphic designers sometimes create folders which when opened fully display a single, big image (like a car or a housing society).

The Importance of Brochures

●          Physical Device

We live in a world, which is mostly transitioning into a virtual/digital one. We get all our information as well as entertainment through screens. As human beings, we are craving for things that we can physically touch and feel.

Brochures are a paper-based advertising medium. Your readers can touch it, feel it and read stuff on it without screen glares or other distractions. Research has proven that most readers prefer to read “on paper” rather than electronic devices. Therefore, if you are thinking of printing brochures for your business, then this could be a significant advantage.

●          Compact By Nature

Brochure designs are such that they are compact and handy in nature. Unlike full-page print advertisements or posters, brochures are small but carry all the punch you need. As we have mentioned earlier in this blog, the folds of a brochure can divide the information in short bursts making it easier to absorb for the reader.

This in-built feature of brochures, says an ad agency, makes them easier to distribute across large geographical areas. They can be spread through newspapers, or by hiring people to distribute them in crowded streets, or even shopping malls.

●          Cost-Effective Solution

Brochures, once created by graphic designers, can be printed in large quantities using offset printers or digital printers. Software’s like Adobe Photoshop or CorelDraw help in creating mesmerizing designs and modern printers let us print multiple copies of these brochures within minutes. Depending on the paper you choose, the colours, images and the finishing, brochures are a very affordable advertising solution.

●          Targeting Local Audiences

Brochures have a unique ability that is not mirrored by any other ad format. They can be used to target hyper-local audiences. Brochure designers always take into consideration the target audience of the brochure.

They design it to appeal to a particular set of consumers only. Another factor that comes into play when targeting hyper-local audiences is the place of distribution, observed a printing agency in Pune.

For example, if you are distributing brochures in a mall, then they need to be colourful and vibrant, whereas if you are distributing them at a local trade fair, they need to be more formal and simple.

●          Nurturing Real Relationships

Brochures are a conversation starter. They are an icebreaker between the sales team and a new lead. They help in forming and nurturing real relationships between a company and its target audience.

Unlike online ads, they lead to interactions between people, they bring you to face to face with your customers, and this leaves a very positive impact on the mind of the customer. It instils a thought in their mind that this company values “people” more than sales numbers.

In conclusion, as an advertising agency, we would like to rest the case on behalf of the most impactful marketing tool in our arsenal the brochure!

Importance of Brochure Printing as Marketing Tool

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