Interconnection between design and marketing

The marketing team in a company is of vital importance. It is responsible for working in sync with the sales department and helping them in achieving their sales targets.

Marketing is a tough activity since it involves projecting the image of the company to its target audience. Successful marketers know how to best reach out to their target audience and push them lower in the marketing funnel towards a sale.

The goals of the marketing team are decided after many rounds of discussion with the top management of the company and the sales team.

Design is often an underrated activity in the company. Most organizations find it easier if the design is completely outsourced to an ad agency in Pune, or professional graphic designers are brought on board.

It is very rare for a company to have its own in-house design team ready for rolling out marketing campaigns and other activities. Design is more of an art than a science. Professional designers use software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw.

It is vital to understand the relationship between design and marketing. Design and reality are two sides of the same coin. They are both focused on achieving the common goals of the company. According to an advertising agency in Pune, if the design is the art then marketing is the science and together they can accomplish targets.

We will explore the interconnection between design and marketing in this blog. As one of the best ad agencies in Pune, we will also see how the collaboration between designers and marketers can be optimized for the benefit of the organization.

  • Message Oriented

Both design and marketing are message-oriented activities. Please note that when we speak about design in this blog, we are only talking about “commercial” design and not “art” based design.

A company has various marketing needs such as creating brand awareness, increasing their reach, or lead generation. Thus marketing campaigns are created to spread the message of the company to its target audience.

Designs are also made to communicate the message of the company to the people. While marketing defines the message and how it will reach the people, design works on how to actually get people to read and remember the message. Marketing is about the right channels, while the design is all about the right method of communication.

  • Brand Oriented

Design is one of the primary activities that lift the brand value of a company, according to an ad agency in Pune. Graphic designers, copywriters, and printing agencies in Pune spend a lot of their time with clients trying to understand the client’s requirements. They also analyze the core values of the brand and then incorporate those in their designs.

Marketing is also an activity focussed on uplifting the brand value of the company. Good marketing communicates what the brand stands for to its target audience.

Designing for a brand includes creating the logo, choosing a color scheme, designing, and printing visiting cards, posters, banners and other promotional items for the business. Design for marketing, according to a design agency in Pune, includes creating visuals for ads, infographics, videos, pamphlets, brochures and newspaper ads.

  • Consumer Focused

Even though design and marketing services as arms of the organization they are working for, they are ultimately connected to the consumer. Both these activities are an attempt of the organization to strike a chord with their target audience.

A very popular saying in the English language is “the customer is king” is applicable to these activities. Design and marketing are deeply interconnected when it comes to attracting new customers for the company through marketing campaigns. A good design will grab more eyeballs.

For example – if an organization choose to advertise on hoardings in Pune. Then 2 things will matter in creating an impact on the minds of those who see the hoarding.

  1. The location of the hoarding (chosen by the marketing department)
  2. The artwork on the hoarding (created by the design department)

This example makes one understand the relationship between marketing and design.

Any good marketing strategy involves understanding the target audience and their needs. Similarly, any good design involves understanding what appeals to the target audience aesthetically.

Together they can push the reader into giving a favorable response to the call to action of the marketing campaign.

Ideally, design and marketing teams should work together to optimize a marketing campaign. But in most cases, both teams work in silos and thus the results are dismal.

To succeed it is vital that the communication between these two departments improves and they work in collaboration rather than as individual units. Both department heads should keep the lines of communication open to everyone on their team and on the opposite team as well. The goal should be to drive up the sales of the company, repeats one of the best advertising agency in Pune

Interconnection between Design and Marketing

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