Are you looking for effective printing marketing strategies to boost sales in 2020? What if you can use flyers to succeed in a highly-targeted audience with a mean 0.35 percent conversion rate for a third of the value of direct-mail marketing?


Most companies would be thrilled with those results, and therefore the better part is, you can achieve similar results by printing flyers as packaging inserts. The following outlines the way to use package insert flyers to extend sales in 2020.

The revival of the print newsletter

Marketing communications got to traverse the noise of digital channels, and a method to try to this is often through print communications. We’re used to finely targeting our digital advertising, but the changing print reading habits of consumers are offering a chance to more finely target print advertising campaigns too.


With the increase of niche publication sales, brands have an opportunity to figure with and reach highly segmented markets and audiences.

Time to take advantage of the tactile delight of paper

Foil and polish finishes, interesting cutwork and texture, and three-dimensional shapes help to reinforce printed materials. People answer the tactile pleasure of paper, so leaving them with something physical and memorable that they need to stay may be an excellent way to maximize the endurance of your message.

Customizing the design

Personalization is the huge advantage of digital printing, but remains under-exploited, especially in the news and magazine sectors. Here we share Printing Ideas to Boost Your Business. Publishers have a chance to take advantage of subscription data more creatively to assist brands tailor messages and personalize content.

Expect more consumer stories to feature

Influencer marketing continues to be essential and makes us have a chance to develop its reach and potential by featuring real consumer stories in their messaging.

Personalizing Print Marketing

Print advertising is naturally a highly personal medium. Today, the private side of it is often developed to more meaningful levels than ever.

You have already got a web presence. Meaning you’ve arrived at your disposal analytics about your customers’ preferences. Apply that to your print marketing to require the private touch to the max.

Foil stamping works best on simple designs with thicker lines

This is particularly true once you want to print advertising to possess a reflective effect on its design. And there’s another advantage to foil stamping. Thus this impact of your print advertising is going to be ahead of consumers longer, too.

Hybrid Your Digital and Print Advertising

Naturally, you aren’t getting to abandon your digital marketing methods. Instead, you have to turn your digital and print marketing campaigns into the right partnership.

 Print advertising and digital marketing aren’t mutually exclusive. Well, into the thick of our modern era, these two media should be parts of an entire, working together to spice up sales and revenue.

Attraction is Texture

Tactile sensation is one of the strongest impactors on memory. It’s so influential that this sort of mind features a name: haptic. Pamphlet design and printing services in Pune help you create vibrant texture designs on your flyer to attract maximum customers on your product.

So never discount the importance of manufacturing print advertising that’s a pleasure to the touch and evokes quality.

Foil Stamping

For an outsized part of the population, “shiny” is their favorite color. Only a few people aren’t interested in shiny things. How can we not be? Shiny is, of course, eye-catching and attention-grabbing.


So consider foil stamping when performing on your print advertising. Foil stamping can take many forms. It is often fluorescent or more subdued, transparent, and translucent, creates dull gloss sheen, or maybe creates a holographic appearance.

Spot Varnishing

Spot varnish may be a variation on the natural appeal of shiny. It’s more subtle and is best used as stress to a specific part of your print advertising design. 

Spot varnishing adds depth, vibrancy, and gloss to a picture, logo, or brand image.

 The effect of spot varnish comes very on the brink of 3D. Meaning logos and photos practically get down the background. Want to face out at a trade show? 

Print advertising shouldn’t be an afterthought. It’s as relevant today for businesses as its online cousin. The most straightforward ad campaigns combine online marketing with print advertising to provide a one-two punch of revenue increase.

Print advertising is really on the increase. This is often because it satisfies the senses, creates a way of trust and stability, and has proven its worth time and again in creating outstanding ROI. But with a more savvy consumer base comes the necessity to up your print marketing game from decades past. Here we share blog a Printing Ideas to Boost Your Advertising,  that definitely help you for business.

If you are looking forward to some effective designs for your product, flex printing services in Pune is the place where you should pay a visit!

Effective Print Marketing Trends to Boost Sales in 2020

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