“If you aren’t a little different from your competition, (then) you are in trouble.”

-Mark Sanborn

Business is a tough sport to play and win! Every entrepreneur is a great sportsman, who is constantly trying to beat old records and improve his own gameplay. If you are a businessman looking for new and innovative ideas to boost your turnover, this blog is the best place to start. As one of the best advertising agency in Pune, we understand your need to develop and implement unique ideas to reach your target audience. We will be elaborating on some of the most popular printing ideas that will give your business the boost it needs.

Why Print Advertising?

One of the most commonly asked questions nowadays by companies is whether print advertising even works in a digital era? And the answer is surprising, YES! It does. Print advertising reminds people of simpler times, capturing their attention and allowing your business information to enter their minds.

Print advertising is tangible! You can touch it, feel it and carry it around with you, unlike modern-day digital ads, notes an ad agency from Pune. It is also much more memorable for the target audience.

Prints ads don’t need to be boring anymore! With the advent of digital printers, the latest graphic designing software (like Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw), your business can create some of the most stunning ad material at a low cost.

We are going to list down some amazing advertising ideas for you, right here:

  • Flex Printing:

Flex advertising is larger than life version of print advertising. It is catchy, gigantic in size and vibrant. Nothing can capture a reader’s attention better than a flex banner. Flex printing can be accomplished in various sizes.

Flex banners can be hung around in busy chowks, or outside buildings. Some of our clients use flex printing to create standees. A standee can be rolled up and carried around to any place.

These standees are especially useful at trade fairs, big events and even around the reception area of the office. They reinforce the brand name and ad message into the hearts of the consumer!

  • Full Colour Brochures:

Brochures are a handy advertising material that can accommodate all the extensive information about your products and services in one place. These can be designed in multiple colors, with high-resolution images and great fonts. Brochures always have a lasting impact on consumers.

They act as guiding points in the purchase process. A potential customer becomes well equipped with the knowledge of the product and decides to go ahead and buy the product!

Brochure designers are well known to research the psyche of the customer before they create the brochure. A full-color brochure can work for your business as a part of an on-going campaign, or even after that.

Brochures are printed for the long run and are therefore not time-bound materials. You can use them throughout the life of the products and services, and always find them effective said an advertising agency in Pune!

  • Pamphlets:

Some ads need to reach customers personally. One of the best ways to reach a huge number of customers is pamphlets. Pamphlets can be distributed to geographically distant areas through newspapers, or even independently.

Many companies create pamphlets with stunning visual designs and a simple call to action, which results in positive decisions by potential customers. Ad agency in Pune, have graphic designers who design pamphlets that send out the message about offers and products, loud and clear.

Pamphlets have the flexibility of being printed in either a single color or in multiple colors. They are also one of the lowest cost advertising options available in the print advertising department.

  • Banners/Posters:

In the world of print advertising, posters are like one of the high-end luxury cars. As soon as you see one, you stop to admire! Same is the case with posters.

They use high-quality paper, have a rich glossy or matte finish and they are designed to be a visual delight. Poster designers work meticulously to generate a creative masterpiece that tells a story to their readers, in an interesting way.

Posters are a multi-purpose advertising tool. They can be stuck to walls, hung at bulletin boards, pinned near crowded areas and so on. Posters reinforce your brand value in the mind of the target audience. They show better signs of brand recall thanks to attractive posters!

  • Offer Coupons:

What do customers like the most? Free gifts and coupons! Everyone loves to redeem vouchers and claim discounts on their purchases. It makes them feel like they are saving a ton of money, and are getting a better deal than anybody else. So, to capitalize on this market trend, printing offer coupons, free gift vouchers, or higher discount coupon booklets is the best way to go.

Offer coupons ensure more footfall at your office/store. It helps in pulling customers literally from the market to your doorstep. Coupons can be designed to shout out the message of savings and best deal offers, to attract customers.

Coupons also help in measuring the success rate of an advertising campaign and are a great tool to check the ROI of the ads. An advertising agency in Pune has revealed that coupons are loved not only by customers but also by the advertisers because of this ROI focused feature.

Printing is the heart of new age advertising and marketing. One of the best ad agency in Pune believes that printing has the Midas touch that not even digital can surpass.

Printing has become innovative and edgy, in today’s day and age. We can now print in different shapes and sizes, use different types of finishes and reshape a customer’s imagination with our advertising.

Some of the basic principles of running a successful business involve great quality products, good customer services, and unique advertising campaigns. If you are already doing the first two things, then you just need to implement some of the above innovative printing ideas to get going!

Printing Ideas to Boost Your Advertising!

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