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Honey Advertising

Untraditional way to do traditional marketing

Honey Advertising

Untraditional way to do traditional marketing

Honey Advertising

Untraditional way to do traditional marketing

Brochure Design Company in Pune


Brochures fall under the domain of traditional advertising. For a very long time, brochures have been an effective form of advertisement and lead generation because of their nature.

We at Honey Advertising, an ad agency in Pune, consider designing brochures for our clients as an art form which will deliver monetary gains for our clients. Brochures are a highly informative document created by a company to publicize their products or services to their potential clientele. Brochures are larger than pamphlets. They carry more details and possibly images about the advertised product or service in them.

Brochures are created with the purpose of spreading information and preservation of this information by the target audience. Brochures contain a lot of knowledge, technical specifications, maps or diagrams and contact details. Sometimes brochures are even accompanied by special offers which can be availed if the person brings along the brochure.

Brochures are used by a variety of organizations, right from real estate to educational institutions, they are useful everywhere. Our aim as one of the best ad agencies in Pune is to give you a brochure that is tailor-made for your product or service.


We offer different types of brochures:

  • The Letter Tri-Fold Brochure - This is a brochure which has three folds similar to the folds of a standard letter. Each fold contains information about the product or service.

  • The Gate Tri-Fold Brochure - This type of brochure designed by us, an advertising agency in Pune, has an opening in the middle, just like a gate.

  • The Double Gate Fold Brochure - This brochure is similar to the gate tri-fold brochure but is twice the surface area of it. It can contain more information and can also open out to reveal a full picture of the product or service.

  • The Accordion or Z Fold Brochure - At Honey Advertising, one of the best ad agencies in Pune, this type of brochure is very popular. It has found a following especially amongst restaurant owners who can print the whole menu along with pictures on it.

  • The Double Parallel Fold Brochure - In this type of brochure, clients can pack in lots of information in a very compact manner.

  • The French Fold Brochure - This is another classic brochure which can open up to reveal a full banner type of advertisement or a picture that stays with the reader.

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    Brochures cover all the information that a potential customer will ask in advance. Good quality and factually accurate brochures help in speeding up the sales process of the product or service. We at Honey Advertising, an ad agency in Pune, have observed this, especially in real estate clients. The brochure contains pictures of the site, blueprints of the flats and amenities, the carpet areas, a rate per square feet and legal registration details of the builder. All of this information, when provided in one brochure, eases the concerns of the buyer and he can conclude on the deal much faster!

    Same is the case with educational institutions who have good quality brochures that contain details of the course, its duration, fees, certification and infrastructure. Parents and students are more comfortable in taking an admission because of this data.

    As an advertising agency in Pune, we understand the impact of the brochure on your business directly and create designs that are more positive and informative.

    Honey Advertising

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