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Why Is Printing Important For Business?

  • Printing is a fundamental part of business and especially print based marketing. Printing gives you another advertising opportunity that allows you to connect with customers bothlocally and on a face-to-face basis.
  • Print marketing has the potential to achieve great things for your business, from increasing brand awareness to an increased revenue stream. Printing can easily adapt to a range of marketing purposes from brochures to posters and much more.
Why Is Printing Important

Some of the top five reasons we believe that printing still works are:

Long Lasting:

Posters, brochures and other print based marketing is designed to be long lasting and highly durable.


It can be fully designed around your requirements and contain any information that you might need it to.


People can read it when and where they want to. A good quality printed copy gives a good first impression.


Printing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to market the service, promotions or products.


Printed materials can be can be easily posted out, displayed around the local area or left in popular areas.


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Offset Printing

Offset printing is one of the oldest forms of printing on a large scale. It comes from the family of lithographic printing, which is a technology developed on the principal of the repulsion of oil and water.

In offset printing, the inked image is transferred to a chemically treated plate which is then pressed on a rubber blanket and is then ultimately transferred to the printing surface. Being a full-service advertising agency in Pune we know that offset printing works on the CMYK color model. Offset printing is called “offset” because it does not involve the transfer of ink directly onto the paper.

At Honey Advertising, as one of the best ad agencies in Pune, we would like to let you know that offset printing is extremely advantageous for printing large volumes of data.

All the newspapers use this technology the most. Offset printing is also used for publishing magazines, brochures, stationery products and books. This type of printing is inexpensive as compared to any other form of printing. As an ad agency in Pune, we believe that offset printing gives you high quality, long lasting prints at a cheap rate. The life of the printing plates is also longer and they can be reused if necessary. Once an offset press is a setup, the printing is simple to handle and delivers completed jobs faster.



Digital Printing

Digital printing is the most modern invention in the world of the press! Digital printing bypasses all the traditional routes employed by lithography printing or letterpress printing and uses a completely different technique for printing. As an ad agency in Pune, we know that digital printing involves taking a digital image and directly printing it using laser or inkjet printers.

Laser printers evolved from Kodak’s technological adventures and today have the center stage in the publishing business. Laser and inkjet printers don’t need plates or rubber blankets. They use printing cartridges and toners. As one of the best ad agencies in Pune, we know that digital printing colors go beyond the traditional CMYK model. Therefore, our digital printing integrates other colors as well.

Digital printing is suitable for various types of operations and printing jobs. It can be used for printing on cartons and even fabrics. Digital printers at Honey Advertising, an advertising agency in Pune are well equipped to perform printing jobs on a large scale as well as small scale.

Digital printers have the flexibility of delivering on-demand printing within a short amount of time. One of the biggest advantages of digital printing is the leeway for accommodating modifications in the digital image. One can make changes to the image and restart the printing without having to worry about new plates and setup costs.

Visiting Cards

Visiting cards are the “calling card” for any business. A visiting card displays your details, designation, the name and logo of your brand. A visiting card is the impression maker of your company. At Honey Advertising, an ad agency in Pune, we design as well as print visiting cards. We understand the significance of a visiting card and want to help you in making the best impression on your clients.


Even though we live in a time of mobile devices, a calendar on your table or on the wall in your cabin is an essential requirement. As a businessman, you tend to look at a calendar as a great branding and marketing opportunity. We at Honey Advertising, one the best ad agencies in Pune, provide calendar printing services. We have the ability to print calendars in different sizes depending on the customer’s needs.

ID Cards

Pune has grown from an educational hub to a corporate hub. With big companies coming in, ID cards have become a basic necessity across institutions. We at Honey Advertising, one of the best ad agencies in Pune are experts in printing ID cards that are a perfect fit for your organization. We print ID cards for all sorts of companies and in all sorts of numbers from small scale to large scale.


Every document that goes out of a company has to be printed on the letterhead of the company. A letterhead signifies the authority of the document and its official nature. A letterhead is also a great place for a company to work on its branding indirectly. At Honey Advertising, an advertising agency in Pune, we print letterheads for all companies at a low rate.


An executive diary is a tool most management employees have in their toolkit. A diary helps in organizing busy schedules and noting important to-do lists, as well as acts as a bouncing board for brainstorming sessions. Diaries with the logo and branding of the company are very popular nowadays. As an ad agency in Pune, we print diaries for our clients and even have the ability to personalize them as per requirements stated by the client.


Envelopes and letterheads go hand in hand. Envelopes with the name, logo and address of the company pre-printed are preferred over blank envelopes. Printed envelopes are a standard document as compared to a blank envelope which will be filled out differently by each employee. Understanding this need for standardization as well as time management, we at Honey Advertising, one of the best ad agencies in Pune, print envelopes for our clients.

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